About Us

Anderson Counseling Services is a community counseling center that offers support for children, adolescents, and adults throughout Virginia.  Our mission here at Anderson is to help individuals and families achieve vibrant, healthy relationships through using their personal strengths. We believe all people have a natural desire to be a productive part of a community. At times individuals need assistance from competent counselors to transition from emotional and mental illness into finding renewed, meaning and purpose. The overall agency goal is to promote optimal mental health and functioning throughout the entire community. 

Our Philosophy

Anderson Counseling Services was founded on the concept of individuals possess the answers to their own problems. However, when discord arises, without the proper conflict resolution skills, individuals can become deterred and enter into a habit of unhealthy communication. Individuals in conflict need to be heard by others who view them as people and not necessarily see them as patients. Anderson provides coaching to individuals, who recognize their need for proper development of skills that will serve in helping the individual exceed their goals. We believe that the family spirit can be renewed through helping them commit to the team concept, which will clearly define their purpose, roles, and responsibilities. Anderson staff uses Psychodynamic Therapy as its primary therapeutic lens. Psychodynamic therapy is the psychological interpretation of mental and emotional processes. Rooted in traditional psychoanalysis, it draws from object relations, ego psychology, and self psychology.

Psychodynamic therapy seeks to reduce symptoms and improve people’s lives.


In psychodynamic therapy, Anderson therapists help people gain insight into their lives and present-day problems. They also evaluate patterns people develop over time. To do this, therapists review certain life factors with a person in therapy:

  • Emotions

  • Thoughts

  • Early-life experiences

  • Beliefs

Recognizing recurring patterns can help people see how they avoid distress or develop defense mechanisms to cope. This insight may allow them to begin changing those patterns.

The therapeutic relationship is central to psychodynamic therapy, ACS also uses other therapy modalities to help clients develop coping skills. Our staff include Cognitive-Behavioral techniques to promote rational thought, Positive Psychology perspectives to assist with the development of self-esteem, Person-Centered therapy to develop insight, Solution-Focused approaches to enhance incremental planning, Reality therapy to encourage responsibility for outcomes, and Motivational Interviewing to initiate the stages of change. By implementing these interventions Anderson meets its end-goal of the uniting of most powerful team ever...The Family.

Associates & Staff

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Mike Anderson, M.A. LPC, ACS, LMHP
Agency Director & President


Matrice Anderson
Vice President of Business Compliance


Tiffany Mioduszewski, M.A, LMHP-R Clinical Administrative Coordinator     Tiffany@andersonva.com


David Barrington Coleman,
M.A, PhD candidate
Lead Therapist


If you cannot reach us please call 434-239-2004