Ages up to 21

Therapeutic Day Treatment (TDT) is for students who are at risk of removal from the school due to mental health, emotional, and behavioral disturbances. Our TDT programs utilize a problem-solving model that focuses on the student’s strengths and not their weaknesses. This positively fosters development of insight and skills, which eventually lead to success in the school. Goals of TDT are:

Data gathered from client satisfaction surveys

  • To increase the academic engagement of children and adolescents struggling with emotional and behavioral disturbances.
  • Increase the student’s likelihood of remaining in school, progressing at a positive pace, and meeting their educational and behavioral goals.
  • Foster and enhance the development of healthy communication between the therapeutic day treatment counselors and the school system in order to ensure a seamless continuity of care between school and agency staff. 
  • Provide professional guidance and responsive support in the areas of mental health and behavioral interventions for the school.
  • Assist and support the students during their emotional challenges and behavioral crises, and prompt the development of productive strategies designed to process their thoughts, feelings, and actions in an appropriate and healthy manner.
  • Offer support to the student’s family in order to ensure techniques and interventions utilized at school are also being used in the home and community.
  • Assist in connecting your child with any additional community services needed in order to be successful (Intensive in-home, mentoring, family coaching, medication management etc.).

Interventions and tools used:  

  •  Gaining self-awareness
  • Building upon the student’s strengths
  • Processing emotions clearly
  • Redirecting behavioral issues
  • Immediate processing of negative situations
  • Training in reducing impulses
  • Crisis intervention
  • Anger management
  • Learning and gaining social and life skills
  • Appropriate time management
  • Respect and compliance with authority figures
  • Communicating with teachers and administration
  • Referrals to appropriate community agency

Who is eligible for TDT?

In order for your child to be eligible to TDT they must  be diagnosed with a mental, behavioral or emotional illness that impairs major life activities.  They also must have appropriate funding that is accepted from our agency (Medicaid or FAPT). Lastly, The school in which your child attends must have Anderson Counseling Services as a TDT provider.

If you are interested in having Anderson Counseling Services as a TDT provider in your school please call 434-239-2004 to set up a meeting today!