Clinician - Therapeutic Day Treatment

Anderson Counseling is seeking Clinician - Therapeutic Day Treatment for School Based Services. Clinician will use evidenced base methods to provide intensive mental health services to children and adolescents in the public school. Work hours are: Monday – Friday (between) 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

Knowlege and Skills: 

  • Promote and maintain effective ongoing collaboration and consultation with teachers and school administrators
  • Carry a caseload within the school setting up to 1:6 ratio
  • Prepare accurate case record and submit all required documentation within the required time frame
  • Establish and offer positive behavior supports within the school setting
  • Consistently promote productive learning opportunities for students daily within the school setting
  • Possess knowledge in the areas of anger management, academic resilience, crisis interventions, mindfulness/self-awareness, and impulse control training
  • Knowledge of initiate psychotherapeutic activities ( i.e., individual, group, family  therapy)along with psychoeducational activities, and leadership training designed to ensure classroom and student stability
  • Investigate, promote, and maintain positive working relationships within the school setting, as well as with outside community support systems, relevant professionals, and agencies devoted to child and family services
  • Maintain expertise in the area of trauma assessment and recognize when and where to make referrals to outside agencies and/or seek the guidance of experts
  • Acknowledge the importance of time management within the school setting and utilize this awareness to maximize student participation in regular academic activities.
  • Demonstrate our commitment to children and their schools by exhibiting punctual work attendance and minimal unexpected leave
  • Communicating weekly and building important relationships with parents, guardians, and family members in an effort to engage them in the therapeutic process
  • Collecting triangulating data on students’ in order to monitor their social, emotional, and academic progress to assist with ongoing program development activities and to present to LCS as requested

Education and Experience Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in a human services field with one year of clinical experience (QMHP-C) and/or equivalent combination of education and experience is required.

Job Type: Full-time

Job Location: Lynchburg, VA