Anderson Transition Center.

Anderson Transition Center

Grades 9-12

Anderson Transition Center is a site based therapeutic day treatment facility in Lynchburg, Virginia, for high school students with the goal of transitioning back to their base school. It offers positive-based support in small classrooms, which are strategically structured to guarantee the student’s maximum learning potential is always reached. At ATC each student is given a entirely different treatment plan that is specifically tailored to their learning style and behavioral and emotional needs. 

Building blocks of ATC include:

  • Therapeutic groups focused on improving problem areas that caused the student to be removed from school.

  • Individualized one-on-one time with students to process situations, negative behaviors, and expand their strengths.

  • Immediate removal from negative stimulation in order to prevent behavioral outburst.

  • Weekly contact with parents, and family counseling as needed based on the student’s behavior.

  • Community outings to improve social and communication skills while in public.

  • Assist in connecting your child with any other community services needed in order to be successful.

  • Positive based system that pushes the client to use their strengths.